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September 28, 2021

Berceanu: We have the infrastructure works companies but we lack the funds

Now we have infrastructure works companies that are better prepared than they were two years ago but we lack the funds, HotNews informs.

‘I will make a comparison with the 2006-2007 period back when I was the Minister of Transportation. The thing acutely felt within the Ministry of Transportation at this time is the fact that a whole series of things could be done. The projects are started; the necessary conditions for some things to go well, to go fast, are met. From that point of view many conditions have changed, but now we don’t have the money,’ Radu Berceanu, the Minister of Transportation, stated yesterday during a Business Standard seminar on economic issues.

‘Two years ago a lot of things, a lot of mechanism were still not properly set, starting with the design and consultancy part. Companies well rooted in the market and able to quickly do this kind of things did not exist yet, and the construction companies were not yet at the level they are now. We have found a private environment that is much better prepared to quickly complete some works. Unfortunately, now we are the ones whose financial resources do not live up to the level of what could be accomplished’ the Minister of Transportation added. Six large projects aimed at turning the Danube into a pan-European transport corridor are in stand-by, Capital weekly reports. According to Minister Berceanu, in 2014 the “Danube pan-European highway,” which is now used only at 10-15 pc of its potential, might reach its true capacity, but the slow pace of finalizing the biddings and the lack of funds can delay these projects for years. President Basescu too admits the Danube is being underused.

Calafat – Vidin Bridge might be built despite Tender is contested

Vimac, the consortium selected to work at the Romanian infrastructure of the Calafat – Vidin Bridge might start activities on Tuesday although the auction was contested by the Astaldi Company, according to the data reported to Agerpres by the Ministry of Transportation. The rush of the Management Authority to start the works to the Romanian side of the bridge may be explained by the fact that Romania might lose the ISPA financial support if the bridge is not finished in due time, respectively December 31, 2010.

For the construction of the railway and highway infrastructure granting access to the Calafat – Vidin Bridge, Romania will receive EUR 57 million by ISPA from behalf of the European Union, 11.98 million of which is the co-financing provided by the Romanian state.

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