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February 25, 2021

Israeli Ambassador: Romanian President visit – highlight of the celebrations of 60 years of diplomatic relations

The ambassador of Israel to Bucharest, Oren David, gave, on the eve of the official visit of President Traian Basescu to this country, an interview in which he refers to the significance of the first voyage to Jerusalem of the current Head of the Romanian State, to the domains in which the bilateral collaboration could expand and deepen, the diplomatic relations, uninterrupted for over 60 years, between the two states, and the internal and foreign objectives of Netanyahu Cabinet.

Thus, according to Agerpres, Oren David stressed that this is the first visit that President Traian Basescu pays, as Head of State, to Israel, mentioning that this visit will represent the acme of the solemn events which mark 60 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations between Romania and Israel, which will close a few days after the visit of President Traian Basescu. “The visit of President Basescu will be, first of all, an occasion for a mutual exchange of information and evaluation of the relations between the two countries,” Ambassador Oren David declared. Traian Basescu will be accompanied by the foreign minister, the minister of economy, and other dignitaries.

The Ambassador also stressed that the relations between the two countries are excellent in all the domains. “It is a challenge for us to bring them at a higher level, considering that it is difficult to improve them even more. However, we try to do it permanently. The visit of President Basescu is an occasion to develop even more something is already very, very good.” Also referring to the relations of cooperation between the two countries, Oren David declared that there is a certain domain in which the relations of cooperation could develop to a higher degree, namely the cooperation in the domain of environment technology. “Here we could do even more. Water would be an example, considering the lack of water in Israel, so we have developed water management and conservation technologies, in order to use to the highest degree the water resources that we have also through a better performing system of pipes meant to eliminate the losses. In this domain, the Israeli companies can get involved to a higher degree in cooperation relations,” the Ambassador concluded.

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