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June 24, 2021

PDL, PSD negotiate intensely the leadership of deconcentrated institutions

After PDL vice president Gheorghe Flutur announced, at the end of the meeting of the Coalition from Tuesday, that the problems connected with the appointments at the head of the deconcentrated institutions have been largely settled, the central media published yesterday excerpts from the backstage discussions and negotiations.

The media articles do not only confirm that the Social-Democrats and the Democrat-Liberals negotiate toughly the leaderships of these institutions, they also propose at their head persons subject to their interests. Thus, according to the daily ‘Gandul,’ at the negotiations from the Coalition Marian Vanghelie proposed the pilot Adrian Iovan at the head of Tarom, proposal discarded by Minister Radu Berceanu, who reproached PSD at the same time their designation of a priest as chief of the Rail Company for Tourism. “I have five proposals for each position! Let’s see what they will say,” Vanghelie appears to have retorted to Berceanu, but before mentioning a name, he has allegedly begun to make phone calls in order “to learn exactly what his name is.” But the name mentioned afterwards by Vanghelie was actually unknown to Berceanu.

The minister has allegedly requested the PSD leaders to propose well-known names in the respective domain or specialists. In connection with the priest proposed for the Rail Company for Tourism, Berceanu said to his laughing colleagues. “He came to the ministry dressed in cassock.” Vanghelie outdid, reproaching Berceanu the appointment of “a little girl” at the head of Tarom.

The quoted daily reads that the management of the companies was shared in a proportion of over 75 per cent, the appointments at the Ministry of Economy being pending. Adriean Videanu and Dan Nica have to meet and finalize them. RA-APPS problem will be settled personally by Premier Emil Boc and PSD president Mircea Geoana, ‘Gandul’ also reads.

Geoana commented on the reports yesterday and said Iovan’s nomination is no longer a current topic, as PSD is considering somebody else for the position of Tarom leader.

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