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October 22, 2021

PSD Constanta rebels against PDL over deconcentrated services

Yet another PSD branch might cancel its collaboration protocol with PDL, over the issue of appointments in deconcentrated services. Following the example of Valeriu Zgonea and Bucharest leader Marian Vanghelie, the time has come for PSD Constanta to complain at central party authorities over the “abuses” made by PDL. In a written protest sent to central leaders, branch chief Radu Mazare accuses Premier Emil Boc of putting pressure for the nomination of certain Democrat-Liberals at the top of deconcentrated institutions that would go to Social-Democrats under the local agreement. The leader of PSD Constanta warns that, if these problems are not solved by the end of the month, he will cancel the protocol of collaboration with PDL. Mazare gives as example the naming – at Emil Boc’s recommendation – of a Democrat-Liberal as chief of the South-East Regional Branch of the State Inspectorate for Construction and the pressure put upon Health Minister Ion Bazac to designate another PDL member as chief of the Techirghiol Balneal Sanatorium. The Constanta Social-Democrats are also accusing PDL ministers Berceanu, Blaga, Pogea and Paleologu for delaying the nomination of their people in local institutions.

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