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April 19, 2021

Bechtel: EUR 13.5 M are to be paid by the Government

Bechtel has liabilities to collect amounting to EUR 13.5 M from the Government, which represent the invoice for works in March, which was due on May 26 and has not been yet settled. “There are chances for this to be paid next week”, said Bogdan Sgarcitu, communication manager with Bechtel, quoted by Agerpres.

“The 42 km from Turda-Gilau segment had to be finalized until end of the year. The amount needed for their completion is EUR 250 M,” Sgarcitu specified. The works could be delayed because the authorities have not relocated the utilities along this route – such as high voltage lines, gas or water pipes. 21 of 31 utilities are still to be relocated, and the deadline for moving them was April 30. “We made last week works worth EUR 1.4 M per day. We intend to have works worth EUR 1.6 M/day next month. This is the amount to be collected for the works in the respective day, if these are certified.”

The Government paid all the outstanding invoices to Bechtel until March, the delays being EUR 4 M worth. At the same time, Bechtel lost EUR 4 M because of the changes in the legislation addressing social contributions, which have taken place since 2006. “We have not benefited from any changes in the legislation to bring us additional money. Bechtel has repeatedly asked the for the contract price to be adjusted in keeping with the change in legislation as to the excise duties for fuels, but the request was rejected each time. We shall continue to require this,” Bogdan Sgarcitu said.

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