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June 26, 2022

Catholics celebrate Whitsuntide

The Catholic believers celebrated yesterday the Whitsuntide. Following that on Saturday, 100,000 persons went on pilgrimage at Sumuleu Ciuc, in Harghita County, the pilgrims visited yesterday the locality where the border of the former Austro – Hungarian Empire used to be, known in general as “The Border of the 1,000 Years,” which is Ghimes Faget locality more precisely. Over 100,000 pilgrims arrived this Saturday in Sumuleu Ciuc, Harghita County. The pilgrimage at the statue of Virgin Mary has a tradition of more than four centuries and it became, in the past years, the most significant such Catholic event in Central and Eastern Europe. Many pilgrims came from Hungary and some of them traveled by foot on impressive distances to listen the service.

Around 13:00, close to Salvator Chapel on the Sumuleu Mic Mountain, the Whitsuntide religious service began. The service is a special one, because the Roman – Catholic Arch – Dioceses from Alba Iulia, to which all churches in Ardeal are assigned, celebrated one millennium of existence. The service was officiated by the Roman–Catholic Archbishop of Kalocsa–Kecskemet, Babel Balasz, from Hungary, assisted by the Roman Catholic Arch Bishop of the Arch Dioceses from Alba Iulia, Jakubinyi Gyorgy, by the vicar bishop Tamas Jozsef, as well as by the Franciscan priest Bojte Mihaly. The event was attended by Bishop Laszlo Tokes, Euro – MP Sogor Csaba, chair of Covasna County Council, Tamas Sandor, and many other Hungarian MPs in Romania.

850 pilgrims came to attend the event from Hungary, by train “Nostalgia”, and those unable to buy tickets, came by bus. In spite of the rain and low temperature, the pilgrims who came by the Nostalgia train from Hungary were awaited at the station by several inhabitants of Miercurea Ciuc, who welcomed them. Based on the tradition, the pilgrims stopped first that the Franciscan Chapel to pray to the Virgin Mary, wonder maker, for “health, luck, abundance and peace all over the world.”

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