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September 28, 2021

Measures to prevent electoral tourism

The buses and minibuses that will circulate on Sunday between counties will be checked by police officers to prevent electoral tourism, declared yesterday the minister of administration and home affairs, Dan Nica. The same stressed that a map of the risk zones has been worked out, the counties of Olt and Dambiovita being at the top in this domain.

According to Nica, the plan drafted this year for the EP elections is without precedent, 51,039 members of the ministry being mobilized. Minister Nica stressed that besides the officers dressed in their special outfit, who will assure public order, there will be also many officers in civilian clothes who will monitor the risk areas. Nica stressed that over 200 MAI officers were mobilized in intervention teams that will take action when necessary. Several political formations have raised lately the problem of electoral tourism at the EP elections. PDL vice president, Gheorghe Flutur, announced that his party has requested the Democrat-Liberal branches to monitor the elections in order to prevent the appearance of any form of electoral tourism.

The Liberal Mihai Voicu wrote on Tuesday on his blog that he has received signals that PSD, through the Bucharest leader Marian Vanghelie, could put into motion the electoral buses in Ilfov County and in other adjoining administrative units. Both the Liberals and the National Christian Democrat Party requested to participate in a parallel counting of the votes after the elections, in order to prevent the possible defrauding of the ballot.

Antonescu wants a “non-communist president” for Romania

Crin Antonescu, PNL president and candidate of the party to presidency, declared yesterday at Alba Iulia that what interests him is not who could arrive in the second round of the presidential elections, but that Romania would have a “non-communist president” after 20 years. “I am not interested in who gets in the second round, I am interested that this country would have, after 20 years, another president than the transition ones, a non-communist president, a president who would understand that he is in the service of the Romanians, of all the Romanians that he represents and he must serve,” Antonescu said.

Asked if Traian Basescu could be defeated at the presidential elections, Antonescu said that “it is beyond any doubt that he can be defeated,” and this thing is allegedly shown also by the opinion polls. The PNL leader said that all the opinion polls make it “very clear” that Basescu “is on a downward track” and very many people desire a change and are looking for a variant. On another hand, Antonescu criticized the recent declarations made by Basescu according to which there isn’t a very serious economic crisis in Romania. The Liberal leader said that these declarations are in compliance with the electoral campaign behaviour of the President, through which “he attempts to make another electoral hoax.” The PNL leader added that he does not know where the President has found reasons to make such an assertion, because the situation worsens throughout the country, and the number of unemployed rises day after day.

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