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March 2, 2021

The Danube’s stream changed for one day

The representatives of several countries from the hydrographic basin of the Danube celebrated on Thursday, in advance, the World Environment Day in a less usual manner.

The new event, organized by Veolia Water and its branches from Romania, Apa Nova Bucharest and Apa Nova Ploiesti, consisted of “changing the stream of the Danube for one day,” namely to flow into Arges river (a tributary stream of the Danube and one of the main sources of supply with water for the capital of Romania) samples of water from the Danube or from rivers from the Danubian basin. The event took place at the water treatment station from Crivina, one of the biggest and most modern in Southeast Europe as a result of an investment of EUR 55 M. Apa Nova Bucharest general manager Bruno Roche declared on the occasion that the “symbolic gesture of today represents the attention that we must pay to all the water resources every day.” The event was attended also by the mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, who stressed that the event organized on the occasion of the World Environment Day “goes beyond the borders of Bucharest and Romania,” and stressed once again that “we are all responsible for the water resources of the humanity and for the protection of the environment.” In this context, the mayor general of Bucharest also announced that the “redrafting” of the contract between the municipality and Apa Nova Bucharest, concessionaire of the water and sewage services, begins next week in order to adapt it to the present socioeconomic realities.

The mayor general explained that certain paragraphs will be redrafted subject to the modifications which appeared in the development of the city and in the legislation, and also to the problems met during the running of this contract signed in 2000 with duration of 25 years. In his turn, the deputy manager of Apa Nova, Epsica Chiru, declared that this is indeed a redrafting of the contract concluded initially with the municipality, and that the representatives of the company are prone to “any discussion” over any issue.

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