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June 30, 2022

PSD, PDL dispute EP victory

The surprises that Romania brings to the European Parliament are Vadim Tudor, Gigi Becali and Elena Basescu. PSD takes off for the presidential elections, PDL still claims the victory, disappointment in PNL, satisfaction in PRM and UDMR. Low turnout accros Europe, Romania as well. Parties fear elections fraud: 35 criminal files for electoral bribe and double vote. EPP maintains lead in European Parliament, no party has absolute majority.

After counting all the votes, the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) announced that PSD ranks the first, with 31.07 per cent, followed closely by PD-L with 29.71 per cent.PNL ranks the third, with 14.52 per cent, which provide them with 5 seats, followed by UDMR with 8.92 per cent. Greater Romania Party (PRM) won 8.65 per cent.

Elena Basescu, the youngest daughter of the head of state, reached 4.22 per cent, which is sufficient for an independent to become MEP. Yet, the fact that she informed on Sunday evening that she would rejoin PDL might jeopardize the seat won in Brussels.

Romanians did not rush to vote this time also, the total number of those who came to cast votes this Sunday being 4,815,816, which stands for 27.52 per cent of the citizens with voting rights.

As always at the electoral polls, the accusations of defrauding the elections have not missed this time again. According to the home affairs minister, Dan Nica (PSD), over 35 criminal files were worked out.

The atmosphere at the campaign offices of the parties immediately after the announcement of the exit polls was not exactly euphoric.

The European Parliament will continue to be dominated by the centre-right for the next five years as the EPP-ED group will have about 276 seats out of a total of 736. The Socialists have only obtained 159 seats, ALDE – 78-84 seats and the Greens – 52-56 seats. Far right comeback registered in Austria, Hungary, The Netherlands, Finland and Bulgaria.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faces a potential challenge to his leadership after support for his ruling Labour Party plunged to its lowest level in a century in European elections.

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