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August 7, 2022

Basescu, Geoana at each other’s neck

The political row between the head of state and the Senate Speaker gets tougher. The two accuse each other of using the Army for electoral purposes.

In an official televised statement from Cotroceni Palace, the president ‘hailed’ Mircea Geoana’s intention to pull out of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT). He didn’t fail to remind the public that it was Geoana who advocated the introduction into the alliance protocol of the clause under which the Senate speaker should have become a member of the CSAT.

‘I hail Mircea Geoana’s statement of intention as such. However, his statement of intention is totally contradictory to his perseverance in imposing his membership of the CSAT on the coalition protocol’ Basescu said. He said Geoana made ‘a political trick” when he announced to quit CSAT, and returned the same accusation, namely of using the Army for electoral ends in an incorrect fashion.

The President claims he didn’t reacted to Geoana’s accusations before, as he didn’t want to disturb the euro elections. Furthermore, the president said he came before the public yesterday to explain the reasons for his unexpected visit in Iraq and Afghanistan, stressing that he doesn’t owe any explanations to Geoana, but to Romanians. He said that it was his duty to inform the Iraqi president about the end of the Romanian military mission, adding that this kind of visits are not announced before taking place ‘for security reasons’.

In retort to President’s Basescu allegations, Mircea Geoana said yesterday that his decision to pull out from CSAT is definitive. He reaffirmed that there was no talk in CSAT regarding Romanian troops’ pulling out calendar from Iraq. Geoana accused Basescu again of deliberately using the Iraq issue for electoral purpose. He noted that the president failed to apologise to the troops for using them in the campaign he made on behalf of PD-L and his daughter.

On Sunday, the European election day, the Senate Speaker and PSD leader Mircea Geoana announced he was going to pull out of the CSAT because he could not accept the using of the good image of the Army enjoyed by President Basescu for electoral and political purposes, referring to the ‘electoral work’ the head of state had been doing in the past few days.

The Social-Democrats decided to invite the defence minister Mihai Stanisoara in Senate for explanations regarding the withdrawal of the Romanian soldiers from Iraq. “We decided to request at the level of Senate to invite the defence minister for a detailed report. He will have to explain which is the condition of the Army, why there is so much nervousness in the Romanian Army and the methods through which Parliament was eliminated from the compulsory mechanism regarding the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq,” the PSD leader Mircea Geoana declared, quoted by Mediafax. On another hand, Geoana requested PDL officially to modify the governance protocol in order to eliminate the provision through which the Speaker of Senate is also vice president of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT). “Hopefully, this will be settled in the coming period also legally,” he said, repeating that for the withdrawal of the Romanian troops from Iraq it is necessary to have a decision of CSAT, not only a Romanian-Iraqi memorandum. “I am not interested to legitimize the foreign policy or security actions of President. Our decision is irrevocable and will be enforced,” the Social-Democrat added. On another hand, the Democrat-Liberals say that the announcement of Mircea Geoana regarding the withdrawal from CSAT is a “campaign game,” stressing that it is out of question to modify the protocol of the coalition.

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