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March 8, 2021

Tamas excluded from Dinamo

After being excluded from the team, Dinamo fullback Gabriel Tamas has stated on Monday that he could continue playing for Dinamo provided the team’s head coach leaves, the www.sport.ro website informs.

‘I called Rednic yesterday morning (Sunday – editor’s note). He gave me leave and now I’m reading the newspapers. I was in Brasov. I told him that I woke up a bit late and if it’s possible for him to give me leave. He told me there would be no problem. Afterwards I saw that I was excluded from the team. I figured it, he had to find a scapegoat for everything that happened until now, but he could have told me on the phone that I would be excluded from the team if I won’t show up for the training session. He shouldn’t have done what he did. Could I continue playing for Dinamo? I don’t think I could. Maybe if Rednic leaves. Judging by the way he acted when I called him yesterday I cannot see me collaborating with Mircea Rednic. Maybe Vasile Turcu was right when he said certain things on TV,’ Tamas said.

Tamas did not attend Dinamo’s training session on Sunday, his excuse being that he did not wake up in time. Nicolae Badea, the President of FC Dinamo’s Executive Council, has stated on Monday for Mediafax that the loan contract for fullback Gabriel Tamas will expire at the end of the season and that given his absence on Sunday it was decided to exclude him from the team. ‘From what I know Tamas’s loan contract will expire. Given the fact that he was absent from the training session yesterday (Sunday – editor’s note) it was considered that his presence in the team that prepares for the game against FC Arges is no longer opportune. For now the question is not whether to prolong his contract but what extension could be agreed upon. If one can be agreed,’ Badea said. Gabriel Tamas, 25, returned to Dinamo last summer as a loaned player after playing only one season for France’s AJ Auxerre.

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