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September 20, 2021

Constructions’ decline continues if public investments linger

The constructions will register significant falls in the coming period, according to the estimate of the analysts from ING and Raiffeisen commercial banks present recently at The Money Show. The perspectives of the constructions sector to register positive effects this year are null, say the analysts, as long as the public investments are obliged to curtail their budget. The economy is in a worse position than expected by analysts, and the perspectives are not pink at all even if the quarters 3 and 4 could bring a small plus, ING analyst Nicolae Chidesciuc, estimates.

“I believe that we can speak about an alleviation of the fall. For example, we do not expect the fall to increase. This -4.6 is the lowest figure. From here on we shall have some smaller minuses. Even with a decrease of -7 per cent we shall have at least a quarter with a plus. The fourth quarter has the biggest chances, but it may happen even in the third quarter,” the chief economist of ING Bank Romania, Nicolae Chidesciuc, declared at The Money Show.

“This was our scenario: a good agricultural year and the constructions to remain in the positive area, somewhat sustained by the public investments. It is almost out of question to see the constructions with a plus because we don’t see the public investments to help now,” Ionut Dumitru, chief economist Raiffeisen, stressed.

The economists from ING Bank and Raiffeisen, and also INSOMAR director, Dan Ghergut, noted that all the economic sectors were negative in the first quarter 2009.

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