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June 23, 2021

Crisis pushes Romanians to suicide

Berried in debt, unable to repay bank loans, to finance businesses or even to raise money needed for surgery, more and more Romanians choose to commit suicide, ‘Evenimentul zilei’ wrote yesterday. Although official statistics are incomplete, the specialists confirm the fact that recession has brought along the loss of jobs as well as attempted and ‘successful’ suicides. Specialists rank the unemployed as the most exposed social category, followed by emigrants, by disabled people and by victims of physical or mental abuse. Doctors admit they cannot speak of a phenomenon yet, but the situation could deteriorate towards the end of the year.

‘We may see more cases caused by the crisis, especially knowing that most such events happen during the summer. The peak will probably be reached towards the end of the year’ says forensic doctor Gheorghe Alexandrescu. Things have got worse in Bucharest this year, with 79 suicides in the first five months. A majority of the victims – 57 – were men. The situation is also bad in Iasi, where ‘an attempted suicide case is admitted to the ER almost every day’, says Dr. Tudor Ciuhodaru, at the ‘Sf. Ion’ Hospital. Eight people in Timisoara, two in Cluj, two in Constanta and one in Craiova have chosen to commit suicide for financial reasons this year.

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