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February 24, 2021


ANI: Forged declarations for
CJ Bistrita president

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) notified yesterday the Prosecutor’s Office of Bistrita Court, asking it to proceed to investigation regarding the perpetration of the offence of forged declarations by the president of Bistrita County Council, Liviu Mihai Rusu. ANI took notice of it as a result of the fact that Liviu Mihai Rusu did not mention in his wealth statement that he was holding the office of administrator of two commercial companies, which is incompatible with the office of president of the County Council. ANI states that these aspects point to the fact that Liviu Mihai Rusu perpetrated the offence of forging his declarations, stipulated and punished by art 292 of the Criminal Code

One Romanian killed, two others injured in car crash in Hungary

One Romanian was killed and two others were lightly injured yesterday in a car crash that occurred on Highway number 4 in the vicinity of Monor, 40 kilometers south-east of Budapest, MTI informed quoting the police. Both vehicles involved in the car crash had Romanian license plates. One of the cars, traveling from Szolnok towards Budapest, veered on the opposite lane where it collided with the other vehicle, killing its driver. Two of the four passengers traveling in the car that caused the crash have been hospitalized with light injuries.

Officer severely injured after being hit by car while investigating accident

An officer from Posta Calnau, Buzau County, was severely injured yesterday, while he made investigations at the place of a road accident which had occurred a few hours before, the victim being carried by helicopter to a hospital from Bucharest. The accident occurre on E 85, at Potarnichesti, Buzau County. The officer, aged 43, was at the place of a road accident which had occurred by 3.00 o’clock, and was guiding a special vehicle which was trying to move out of a ditch a badly damaged vehicle. While he was guiding the driver of the special vehicle, the police officer was hit by a utilitarian vehicle driven by a man from the Republic of Moldova.

25 members of Clamparu clan arrested in Police raid in Sibiu

Twenty-five organized crime and extortion suspects were arrested during several raids in Sibiu, judicial sources told Mediafax. DIICOT prosecutors from Alba, Hunedoara and Sibiu also participated. Antena 3 reports that the criminal ring was made up of the members of the Clamparu clan, all being also suspects in various human trafficking cases. More exactly, the authorities claim the members of the clan have been transporting Romanian women to Spain where they would make them work as prostitutes.

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New Romanian
battalion headed
for Afghanistan

Approximately 20 army instructors with various MoD structures will be on the Operational Monitoring and Liaison Team (AMLT) – a battalion-like structure – in Afghanistan for a period of six months, Agerpres informs. The OMLT team’s mission is to train the Afghan military in a number of areas such as transmissions, shooting, and NBC protection. The Departure ceremony took place yesterday.

Yesterday, one of the military who had been recently injured while on a mission in Afghanistan, Lieutenant Colonel Nicusor Augustin Pegulescu, was awarded the ‘Loyal Service’ National Order by President Traian Basescu.

In other developments, Defence Minister Mihai Stanisoara is attending the meeting of the defence ministers of countries with troops in Afghanistan at the ISAF South Regional Command where the ISAF progress in South Afghanistan, the regional approach to improving the security situation and the NATO training mission in Afghanistan will be discussed.

The court justifies
its decision
in the case of Becali

The Bucharest District 1 Tribunal did not take into account the claims of Gigi Becali’s lawyer with regard to his quality of MEP, when it rejected the request on lifting the judiciary control, because no proof was made of this quality, the court wrote in the motivation of Tuesday’s decision. “The court will not analyze the present request in relation to the oral claims made by the applicant about his quality of member of the European Parliament and finds as immature the evoking of this quality, given the fact that the calendar set by the Permanent Electoral Authority provides that the results of the European elections that took place on June 7, 2009 will be validated on June 11, 2009,” reads the court motivation.

SRR and SRTV law sparks scandal in Chamber of Deputies

The MPs representing the Power continue to fight although the election campaign was over a few days ago. According to Antena 3, the attempt of the PDL Deputies to have the SRR and SRTV draft law adopted by tacit procedure came against the opposition of their coalition colleagues from PSD, backed by PNL and UDMR yesterday. It all started from PDL Deputy Petru Calian who asked that all the deputies present should be nominally checked, suggesting there were not enough MPs in the hall. His request caused the protest of the other parties who accused him of trying to delay debates in order for the term for its tacit adoption to be reached. ‘PDL is boycotting the work in the Chamber, so you keep silent,’ Eugen Nicolaescu (PNL) said, referring to the small number of PDL Deputies attending the session. The quarrel over procedures soon escalated into personal attacks. The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberta Anastase (PDL) followed the trend: annoyed by an UDMR deputy’s arguments regarding the draft law under debate, she cut his microphone, causing a choir of protests and even threats of dismissal from the Liberal and Social-Democrat benches.

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AT Kearney: Underground economy’s share
in Romanian GDP,
5th highest in Europe

The underground economy’s share in the GDP stood at 33 per cent, placing Romania 5th in Europe in 2008, according to an AT Kearney study, Realitatea.net informs. Romania was outranked by Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia and Croatia. ‘Electronic payments could lead to tangible results. According to our study, the systems of payments could reduce Romania’s underground economy by 10-15 per cent or EUR 5.7 bln,’ Catalin Cretu, the general director of Visa Europe in Romania, stated.

According to AT Kearney, considering that Romania’s GDP stood at EUR 139 bln in 2008, the underground economy stood at EUR 46 bln. Comparatively, Bulgaria had a GDP of EUR 34 bln with the underground economy standing at EUR 12 bln (36 per cent). Latvia’s underground economy represented 36 per cent of GDP, while that share stood at 35 per cent in the case of Estonia and Croatia. On the other hand, Austria and Switzerland registered the lowest shares in Europe, with their underground economies representing 8 per cent of their GDPs.

At European Union level the underground economy represented 16 per cent of GDP in 2008, or EUR 2,100 bln, the AT Kearney study shows. The report was done at EU level with the exception of three countries (Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta) but also includes data from Norway, Switzerland and EU candidate countries.

New cars sales dwindle
by half in Bulgaria,
over January-May 2009

Data provided by the Automobile Importers Union of Bulgaria show a total 12,432 new vehicles were sold in this country during January-May 2009, down 50.32 pc from a year ago, Novinite reports, quoted by Agerpres. Sales declined by 80 pc for the heavy truck category, by 65 pc for light vehicles, and by 45 pc for automobiles. Toyota remains most popular in Bulgaria, with 1,432 new vehicles sold during January-May 2009, followed by Volkswagen with 1,284 units, Peugeot (1,076), Ford (1,040), Citroen (1,002), Opel (963), Skoda (706). Dacia is last but one, with 589 vehicles, followed by Chevrolet, with 490 units sold during the given period of 2009.

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BNS declares itself against
the ‘First House’ program

The ‘First House’ program is a “swinish trick” as it was conceived “with a dedication” from its very beginning, the leader of the National Unions Block (BNS), Dumitru Costin told a debate organized by the Romanian business environment, Agerpres reports. The idea of the BNS chief also found support with economic analyst Ilie Serbanescu, who mentioned that the ‘First House’ program “neither is social, nor will it bring new jobs.” In his turn, Florin Parvu, vice-president of the National Council of Small and Middle Private Enterprises of Romania (CNIPMMR) said the program will be used to give a significant support to banks. “The First House program not only doesn’t help the state budget, but it also deliberately supports foreign banks to get out of crisis. Such a thing isn’t possible,” Parvu explained. Also referring to the commercial banks that opened branches in Romania, Ilie Serbanescu declared that, through the measures they took in the last six months, authorities gave a big support to foreign capital, while ignoring the local one. The BNS leader warned that Romania has a “completely ill” fiscal system and that authorities “do nothing” to fight the tax dodging practice.

Deloitte: Gov’t-adopted anti-crisis
measures are in fact ‘pro-crisis’

The measures the Government has taken when amending the Fiscal Code for the purpose of mitigating the bad consequences of the financial crisis upon companies and upon the economy as a whole are actually ‘pro-crisis’ rather than ‘anti-crisis’ steps, says Deloitte partner and tax specialist Pieter Wessel.

‘It creates a bad image for Romania abroad,’ Wessel said at a meeting with Dutch businesspeople in Romania, Mediafax informs. On the other hand, Wessel said that, although in Romania there are all the necessary levers that would normally secure the proper operation of the taxation system, it is not as well-performing as in the rest of Europe. ‘In respect of taxation and tax authorities, we have all the ingredients the other European states have, but things are different in the Balkans. The same ingredients won’t give you the same outcome’ said the financial consultant. The Deloitte official gave the example of the VAT reimbursement which is a difficult process and noted that companies do sue the state over delayed payments. Speaking of the financial crisis, the President of the Romania-The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, Peter de Ruiter, stated that, according to specialists, problems in the region have reached the maximum point, but Romania ‘still has some pain to endure’ before being there.

Adrian Vasilescu: BNR not to act
on interest rate before June 30

The Central Bank will not cut the key-interest rate without notice or before the announced date, Adrian Vasilescu stated, according to The Money Channel. The statement was made by the BNR Governor’s adviser Adrian Vasilescu, who insisted to deny various market rumours. The Board of the Central Bank is due to meet on June 30. ‘What I can tell you is that I do not believe in the current rumours on the market suggesting that the Central Bank will organise a special session before the already scheduled one to change the key-interest rate. The Central Bank has not made any such announcement,’ said Adrian Vasilescu.

Ovidiu Tender sells the Covasna Hotel
in Neptun for RON 5.2 M

Businessman Ovidiu Tender yesterday sold through Inter Center Service Timisoara, a stake of 96.6 pc in Covasna Estival 2002 (CVAS) company, which operates the Covasna Hotel in Neptun, against the sum of RON 5.2 M (EUR 1.2 M), Mediafax reports. The shares were sold in a transaction at a price of RON 2.22, i.e. 19.35 pc above the quotation of the most recent transfer involving this stock, which dates back from December 23. Covasna Estival 2002 has a share capital of RON 245.000, split into 2.4 M shares at a face value of RON 0.1. The company owns the two-star Covasna Hotel in the Black Sea resort of Neptun, with 190 rooms.

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Gelin: BRD needs no recapitalisation

After the distribution of dividends for 2008, BRD-Groupe Societe Generale will have a solvability rate of 11.6 per cent and will need no additional funds in order to keep it above 10 per cent, bank President Patrick Gelin told Mediafax yesterday. ‘The meeting in Brussels was held for the banks to present their stress tests, to inform them of the recapitalisations they had to do as well as for them to re-affirm their commitments towards Romania. At the end of June, after distributing dividends for last year, BRD will have a solvability rate of 11.6 per cent. We need no recapitalisation,’ Gelin said after a press conference. The bank president also said the Romanian subsidiary was one of the most important Societe Generale had overseas, meaning it would have no reason to withdraw its financing lines. The minimum solvability indicator (own funds versus risk-weighted assets ratio) is now 8 per cent, but the Central Bank will raise it to 10 per cent in September.

Most important wine producers awarded by Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu yesterday awarded the most prominent wine producers of Romania who had won gold and silver medals at the International Wines Contest held under the Patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, Agerpres informs. ‘The wine sector has turned into a benchmark for Romania and it is also the object of international interest. Romanian wines obtained 17 gold and 29 silver medals out of a total of 61 offered by the contest. I would say there is performance in this sector which has also benefited from European support for re-conversion,’ said Minister Sarbu. The jury presented 61 medals (a maximum of 30 pee cent of the total number of samples under the Regulations of the Organisation): 27 gold medals (17 to Romania) and 34 silver medals (29 to Romania). The encouraging fact is that young wines (the 2008 production) obtained many medals both through big producers and through owners of smaller vineyards. Some of the awarded wine makers are Cotnari, Murfatlar, La vie, Domeniile Viticole Husi, Vincon Vrancea, Vinia and Zarea SA.

‘Vodafone peste hotare’
for Romanians

Vodafone is releasing the ‘Vodafone peste hotare’ (Vodafone Overseas) service, reads a company press statement. The ‘Call me internationally’ offer allows Vodafone Card users to send two free notifications to any international number they wish to communicate with every month. Even if they have run out of credit or their card validity period has expired, Vodafone customers may call *122# free of charge to send a text message to the number from which they wish to be called.

The ‘International Recharge’ service offers Vodafone Romania customers the possibility to have their Vodafone prepaid Card topped up with any credit from EUR 5 to EUR 50 , as well as with EUR 100, by their family or friends based in a different country.

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