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February 26, 2021

MAE denies the accusation of Kiev media regarding Bystroye problem

Romania will continue to take steps in order to determine the Ukrainian authorities to comply with the international norms relevant in Bystroye problem, the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) explained yesterday, after the media from Kiev reported that our country has allegedly accepted Ukraine’s arguments that the restoring of Bystroye canal would not have a negative impact on the ecosystem of the Danube Delta and on other natural systems from the region, Agerpres reports. The media agency Ukrinform informed that during the public debates over this issue, which have recently taken place at Tulcea, the Romanian party did not have “objections” to Ukraine’s arguments. In retort, MAE mentions that the public debate from Tulcea represented a stage in the procedure regulated by Espoo Convention regarding the evaluation of the impact on the environment of the major projects that can have cross-border effects.

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