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July 1, 2022

Sorin Oprescu’s balance sheet after one year in office

One passage inaugurated, a few planted trees, several records and tens of promises. This seems to be the balance sheet of Sorin Oprescu, one year after he assumed the mandate, ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ writes. Thus, the first year under the command of Sorin Oprescu meant the inauguration of the University Passage and a few schools rehabilitated with money from the European Investment Bank, the planting of 3,000 trees and the finalization of 42 streets started by Videanu. But, we cannot forget his records: the longest sausage, the heaviest cake and the most numerous Santa Claus circulating in the streets.

The promises refer to 60 sports grounds, the modernization of the university campuses, the full rehabilitation of the streets which were turned three years ago into sites, and also the green belt of Bucharest. Moreover, mayor Oprescu intends to build car parks, good quality social services, nurseries and kindergartens. For many of them either the money is lacking, or they have not even been sketched on paper. But he hopes to obtain new funds.

As for the suspended expressway, the mayor of Bucharest only made a feasibility study. He does not yet know how much the miraculous expressway will cost and acknowledges that he has not money for it. However, he is optimistic: he wants to finalize 11 km until the end of his term of office, in 2012.

With all the materialized projects, Bucharest is on the last place in Europe in terms of quality of life. “The personal aspirations of Sorin Oprescu converge with those of the persons who voted for me. I was voted by the citizens to solve their problems and I want to do it. I won’t leave to become a premier, a MEP or president,” the mayor general promised when he was vested, in June last year. He did not become premier, and didn’t run at the EP elections. As for the presidency, there are rumours that he will however announce his candidacy in autumn.

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