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February 28, 2021

Udrea: Iliescu would support Bucharest Mayor Oprescu for president

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, also a leading member of the Democrat-Liberal Party, said on Wednesday evening during a show on Realitatea TV that there are rumours in the Social-Democrat Party about a possible candidacy of Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu for president. Udrea said former President Ion Iliescu would support Oprescu for the post.

“There are talks in the PSD that Mr. Iliescu would support Oprescu for president, given that (Social-Democrat leader Mircea) Geoana doesn’t do too well in opinion polls. Mr. Geoana might be taken out of the picture, if he does not get enough support from (Marian) Vanghelie and (Viorel) Hrebenciuc. This scenario is very likely,” Udrea said.

The minister also voiced her opinion that if dissensions continue in the PSD, Geoana will have absolutely no chance to run for president on behalf of his party.

“Mr. Geoana has been trying to get a hold of this opportunity for some time and it keeps on evading him. He was no trouble for us. But if dissensions and discussion about who will run for president continue in the PSD, we’ll see that he will have no opportunity to get a hold of in the future,” Udrea added.

She also said that Oprescu has no interest making public his candidacy at the moment. “I think Oprescu is seriously considering the possibility. I don’t think it would be to his advantage to announce it now, because he hasn’t done much in Bucharest. He was no interest in announcing his candidacy now because everybody would start looking and analysing what he has done as mayor,” the minister said.

Oprescu has so far denied any plans to run for president. The general mayor has suggested that he wants to stay on his current job for as long as it takes to achieve all his objectives for the city.

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