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September 20, 2021

Dinu Patriciu succeeds with a new deal

Dinu Patriciu shall definitely leave the managing board of The Rompetrol Group, at a certain moment, according to the newspaper 7 Plus. The fact that he either sell a part or his entire participation in the company is another certain aspect. But even if leaves the petrol business, this does not mean that Patriciu leaves the market in general. Even if now he conducts businesses in mass media, in real estate or in other fields, the businessman intends to enter the energy market, also. And this is the purpose because of which he took on please a part on the Black Sea bottom. The businessman received, on lease, last summer, 9,000 square km, in the Black Sea, to exploit resources, which, at first sight, appear to be strange, namely the mud on the bottom of the Black Sea. According to experts, it contains various metals, but also sulphure hydrogen, regarded as an important source, in the future, for the production of non conventional energy. It is interesting how the company which, in July 2008, was given the lease by the National Agency for Mineral Resource is Marine Resources Exploration International SRL, which was established only one month prior to the call for tender. And, nevertheless, Marine Resources has the Dutch company Marine Resources Exploration International BV as major shareholder, a company which is controlled by Dinu Patriciu.

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