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May 11, 2021

Court recalls ‘Enigma Otiliei’ novel from the market

On Monday, the Bucharest Tribunal recalled the novel ‘Enigma Otiliei’ from the market and suspended the publishing and selling of the book by Adevarul Holding, ruling in favour of the Intact publishing house that had paid a bond of RON 50,000, Agerpres informs. The court’s decision may be appealed against in the Bucharest Court of Appeal. The current ruling applies until the case has been dealt with on its merits.

On May 14, the Intact trust sued ‘Adevarul’ Holding asking for damages for unfair competition and for unrightfully publishing and selling the novel ‘Enigma Otiliei’. The Intact trust claims that ‘Jurnalul National’ has bought via the Litera publishing house exclusive publishing rights to the novel from COPYRO – a management company holding exclusive rights to George Calinescu’s works. ‘Nonetheless, daily published and sold the novel on April 23, ignoring the COPYRO’s repeated warnings to stop publishing and marketing the product. COPYRO’s warning letters to the management of ‘Adevarul’ had been disregarded. Under such conditions, the Intact Media Group reserves the right to sue ‘Adevarul’ daily’ reads a press release issued by the Intact trust on April 28.

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