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February 9, 2023

Gov’t: Magistrates’ bonuses payments, spaced out during 2010–2012

The Government adopted on Sunday, at the proposal of the Ministry of Finances, an Emergency Ordinance stipulating the installments, during 2010–2012, of the bonuses or other salary rights granted or acknowledged by court resolutions in the budgetary section.

According to the Ministry of Finances, the total value of these rights exceeds RON 2 billion for the entire budgetary section, including the legal system.

“The extraordinary, unpredictable character and the amplitude of this phenomenon jeopardizes not only the execution of the state budget, but also the budgets of local authorities, under the circumstances of limited budgetary resources and limitations related to the necessity to keep budgetary expenses under control,” a press release issued by the Ministry of Justice showed, as quoted by Hotnews.ro. According to the Emergency Ordinance, the rights will be paid according to the following program: 34 pc in 2010, 33 pc in 2011 and 33 pc in 2012.

The Ministry of Justice also mentioned that it would file, during the Wednesday meeting, a proposal package that would improve the financial state of the legal system and the status of the legal staff, regardless of their profession.

The laws’ package would include the revision of the policy regarding the destination of legal taxes and of special stipulations on these taxes, maintaining the legal professions on positions at the top of the forthcoming graph of salaries and gaining the necessary funds for maintaining the functionality of the legal system until the budget rectification in autumn.

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