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October 3, 2022

Titi Aur refuses Alba Motor Challenge victory as Onoriu is disqualified

Race pilot Titi Aur has refused to accept the victory in the second leg of the Alba Motor Challenge race in Straja after Daniel Onoriu, the rightful winner, was disqualified for violating the regulations.

‘Unfortunately the rank and at the same time the cup won in this stage were given to me by chance, with me being the ‘beneficiary’ of the decision to exclude one of my main opponents, race pilot Daniel Onoriu. Considering that, but mostly the fact that I was involved without my willing in Daniel’s unfortunate initiative, an initiative that has led to the decision to exclude him from the competition, I want to announce both the auto fans and the leaders of the Romanian Auto Federation that I give up the rank and the cup that I won in this stage. I want to be listed as ‘retired’ in the 4th stage, with all the sports consequences entailed by this decision,’ Aur stated in a press communiqué remitted to Agerpres at the end of the 4th stage of the Dunlop speed stage.

Aur pointed out that he did not make this announcement at the award ceremony organized immediately after the end of the stage out of respect for the organizers and the sponsors of the Alba Motor Challenge event.

‘I am doing it now because in my long career I have never won a race outside the race track’ Aur added.

Daniel Onoriu (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6) had won the first stage of the competition in Straja, finishing the 3.3 kilometers route in 1 minute, 46 seconds and 688 thousands of a second with an average speed of 111.35 kilometers per hour. Aur (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9) ranked second (+1 second, 524 thousands of a second), with Constantin Rusu (VW Gold TDI) finishing third (+2 seconds, 589 thousands of a second).

Onoriu won the second race two, with a time of 1 minute 44 seconds and 287 thousands of a second, followed by Aur with a time of 1 minute, 45 seconds and 568 thousands of a second, Paul Andronic (Mitsubishi Lancer) with a time of 1 minute, 46 seconds and 431 thousands of a second and Constantin Rusu with a time of 1 minute, 49 seconds and 301 thousands of a second.

Onoriu was excluded from the race in the second leg because ‘he maneuvered the race car on the sector located between the stage’s stop and finish line in an attempt to fix something at the gearbox.’ Laurentiu Oros, the head of the jury, stated for autorally.ro.

Onoriu tops the general standings with 28 points, followed by Aur with 28 points, Rusu with 22 points, Horatiu Ionescu-Cristea with 18 points and Paul Andronic with 16 points.

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