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February 27, 2021

Russian ambassador: Bucharest, Moscow should come to terms with past

Russian Ambassador to Romania Aleksandr Churilin said in an interview to daily ‘Gardianul’ that Romania and Russia should move over “bad stages” in their history and come to terms with the past. “We must accept the past as it was. We must not try to idealize it or to change it for the sake of current political circumstances,” he said. Churilin underlined however that Romania and Russia must look to the future and build strong ties. In the context, he underlined that politicians have the obligation of doing everything possible to strengthen bilateral ties. “I think this corresponds to the national interests of both Romania and Russia,” he said, adding that the Romanian people have no reasons to doubt the Russian people’s friendship.

When asked what Bucharest and Moscow officials should do to reach the best of ties between the two countries, Churilin replied, “I don’t have a recipe for the Romanian side. And I don’t think it appropriate to give advice over such matters. But the ideological confrontation is in the past and mankind will solve their problems. Only collaboration and mutual support can help us overcome our problems in the 21st century.”

Churilin also spoke of Russia’s main interests on regional and international level and of how the country has changed since the creation of the Russian Federation on June 12, 1990. As the country recently marked its national day, Churilin told ‘Gardianul’ that Russia has rapidly changed its political and economic system and therefore was not yet heavily affected by the international financial crisis. As for the country’s mission in Europe, Asia and the world, the ambassador said that Moscow’s foreign policies are based on international law and willingness to have an efficient collaboration with all partners. The basis of Russia’s foreign policy is the Concept of foreign policy approved by President Dmitry Medvedev, he said.

However, he warned that Russia is always ready to fight and will not let “our interests and the interests of our friends be trampled on”. Churilin said Russia’s main goals on international level are to end Cold War fears and to assure equal security conditions for all Euro-Atlantic countries. The country’s priority in foreign affairs remains the Commonwealth of Independent States, which Russia wants to make stronger by setting up a collective security treaty.

Churilin also underlined that Russia wants stronger ties with the EU too, especially on economic level and as regards gas supplies. In the context, the ambassador said that as Russia expects a significant hike in EU gas demand the following years, it has decided to build two large gas pipes, North Stream and South Stream in order to create alternative energy routes and assure a stable supply.

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