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April 18, 2021

Stantchev, caught in “war between Basescu and Voiculescu”

In an interview to daily ‘Evenimentul Zilei’, Bulgarian Stamen Stantchev, under investigation for espionage, said that he believes he “was caught in the war between President Traian Basescu and Conservative Party founder Dan Voiculescu”. “Various debts were paid through me because I was the easiest fish to catch, I was at hand. But this is… just my personal opinion,” Stantchev told the newspaper.

The interview was taken in Monte Carlo, according the publication. Stantchev insisted that he did nothing wrong and that he was just a victim in the entire espionage case, in which ex Economy Minister Codrut Seres and former Communications Minister Zsolt Nagy are also under nvestigation, together with other Economy Ministry officials. “Overnight, I became the most feared spy in Romania. I am just a consultant, I do business, lobby, I bring investors and money to eastern European countries. There is nothing illegal. I did it in other countries too and not only me,” he said. Stantchev also told the newspaper that even the prosecutors who investigated him told him he was innocent. Moreover, Stantchev said Romanian investigators broke into his Vienna office and took several documents which are now included in his file.

The Bulgarian added that the legal problems he has in Romania destroyed his reputation as a consultant and practically destroyed his international relationships and pushed away his business partners. However, he underlined that he is still active in his field of work and is currently an adviser to the prime minister of a country preparing for EU accession, possibly Serbia, according to ‘Evenimentul Zilei’.

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