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March 1, 2021

Bookfest 2009 opened its doors

Culture Minister Theodor Palelogu, and Grigore Arsene, the President of the Romanian Book publishers’ Association (AER), have opened on Wednesday the fourth edition of the Bookfest 2009 Book Fair. The event will take place from June 17 to June 21 within Romexpo’s pavilions 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. ‘I came to buy as many books as possible. I have money on me. As a reader I would be happy to see that the interest in books is as high as it was in previous years’ Palelogu said at the opening of the event. He then went on the official tour of the Book Fair, alongside the President of AER. He pointed out that he is present at Bookfest not only as an organizer but also as a reader, underscoring at the same time that the Ministry of Culture, Denominations and National Patrimony (MCCPN) supports the book market and is trying to find solutions for its development. ‘This year’s book fair is the editors’ bet, in order to understand what is the cause of the difficulties that we register’ Grigore Arsene stated in turn. He confessed that if the public will attend the event in large numbers then there is a problem when it comes to the distribution of books, while if the opposite happens then the problem is more serious and solutions would have to be found. ‘It is a test that we are trying to successfully pass’ he concluded. The first book launched within Bookfest 2009 was the ‘Patrimony’s black book,’ a project through which the Ministry of Culture is trying to sound the alarm over the destruction of the national patrimony. The Book Fair organized within Romexpo will be opened until Sunday, June 21. The entry is free of charge.

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