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March 3, 2021

Boc confirms new amendment to procurement law

PM Emil Boc has confirmed the fact that the Executive had operated a new change to the public procurement law, upon the request of the European Commission, explaining the amendment was needed because of the existing risk that the EU might not recognize the Romanian legislation in the field, therefore also any tendering procedure involving European funds. Invited to the public television station Wednesday night, the PM was asked to confirm if the Government had changed the fee companies disputing tendering of public procurement contracts in court must pay. Boc’s answer was affirmative, his explanation being that the new legislation has been adopted in constancy with the recent specifications by the EC. Gov’t sources told Mediafax news agency on Wednesday that the fee a company needs to pay when disputing in court the result of a tender of public procurement contract had been slashed to over half of the previous rate by the introduction of a new calculation formula, the EC having warned the Gov’t that the used 2 per cent fee was impairing access to justice. PM also stated that the Ministry of Finance would present the Government with a new set of proposals on bundling and reducing para-fiscal fees and tariffs before the beginning of September.

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