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May 26, 2022

Top business leaders expect “pro-active attitude” from authorities

Representatives of a leading business association on the Romanian market expressed yesterday hope that their voice, with pertinent proposals, will be heard by competent Romanian authorities. The proposals refer to making and keeping a friendly business climate and attractive to foreign investors, despite the ongoing difficult economic context and the complicated economic situation.

“Fiscal and legislative stability is very important now,” the investors warned. “We are willing to invest in this country and Romania should take advantage of this. We are all in the same boat,” said one of the participants to an informal meeting with media representatives, while emphasizing that a “more pro-active attitude of authorities” would be welcome.

Wishing to share their expertise “free of charge” to Romanian authorities in crucial fields where a special focus should be made during this time of crisis, like for instance fiscal and taxes system, infrastructure, IT, procurement, HR and education, etc, the business leaders underlined that there is a huge opportunity to match the private expertise with the public expertise. Expressing willingness to further develop their business and investments here, the participants to the meeting said they believe in this country, in the potential of the Romanian market and showed willingness towards an active dialogue with the relevant Romanian authorities aimed at jointly identifying ways to help the country during crisis, but also to defend the interests of foreign investors and encourage them to further flow money in the country. Unfortunately, despite the fact they represent very respected “players” on the market, having the “pulse of the real economy,” with very important contribution as tax payers to the state budget, with a very significant number of jobs created, the top business leaders don’t succeed to attract the interest of the Romanian authorities for their proposals or initiatives to be taken into account. They complained about the lack of transparency and difficulties in approaching competent decision-makers, about the unstable legislative framework, about the lack of interest for long term projects even with tempting financing perspectives, but didn’t cease to express optimism concerning the future of their businesses on this market.

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