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March 5, 2021

Lipa: I won’t accept Dinamo’s athletes playing against us

Elisabeta Lipa, the president of Dinamo Sports Club, has stated during a press conference that she won’t accept the athletes paid by the club leaving to other clubs and subsequently playing against Dinamo.

‘We had athletes that left Dinamo, took their rank with them and played for other teams, even against us. These problems have been fixed and such cases will no longer occur for as long as I’ll be at this club. I cannot accept an athlete formed and paid by us to leave and play for another team against Dinamo. The ones that retire and still want to play can do so within the Internal Affairs Ministry’s championship. They can make a name for themselves in the European championships, the World championships or the Balkan tournaments for police officers. If they want to play in the country for another team they’d have to resign from Dinamo,’ Lipa said. The former canoeist also talked about the problems registered within several of the club’s sports sections, problems that appeared after the athletes went unpaid for several months. ‘The debts towards some athletes have grown in time. In the basketball section for example there debts have accumulated from August to May.

I don’t know how those contracts were made. Dinamo’s basketball team has finished the championship 12th and the players complained that the club is indebted to them. Dinamo is the club that gives them the rank of officers, chief-commissioners, sub-commissioners; they have a status within the club, they receive this wage on top of that and they still finished 12th. On top of that result they also criticize. Their goal was to rank within the top 8 teams and the terms of their contracts provisioned a penalty of 30 per cent of their last wage if they would have failed to fulfil their goals,’ the president of CS Dinamo stated. Lipa pointed out that she will set up a club foundation that will pay the players’ and head coaches’ wages. ‘The players’ contracts were done through the Pro Dinamo foundation.

The sponsor was wiring money to that foundation and the managers or leaders were taking the money and paying the players and coaches. I have nothing to do with that foundation. People curse Dinamo when that foundation fails to pay the athletes and that’s not fair.

We will solve this problem by setting up another foundation that will be the club’s foundation. During my term the club’s chief-accountant will be the treasurer of that foundation, with each section set to have an account within that foundation. There will be total transparency.’

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