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February 9, 2023

Despite rain and lightning, some 3,000 fans sang with Limp Bizkit, Queensryche and Saga

Although the heavy rain never stopped during the show, and lightning seemed on the verge of putting Arenele Romane on fire, on one hand, and to be part of the show, on the other hand, over 3,000 fans sang and danced with Limp Bizkit on Sunday evening, for an hour and a half, in Bucharest. The concert was part of the first edition of the Rock the City festival. After a powerful start with the famous song “My Generation,” the concert performed by Limp Bizkit made the audience of Arenele Romane stand up, despite of the heavy rain that might have been considered as an obstacle for partying.

If the performance of Saga, the opening band of the festival, only determined the audience to search for their friends or to go to buy something to drink, followers Queensryche convinced their loyal fans to remain in front of the stage.

Saga performed for an hour and a half, while the musicians of Queensryche, despite of their 50-minute recital, stirred the enthusiasm of the attendants.

Yet, after the starting riffs by Limp Biskit, the rows in front of the beer and juice stands suddenly disappeared, as fans hurried to gain a seat as close to the band as possible, in the middle of the “party!” “We made it!” Fred Durst yelled to his fans after the first song, showing that he understood that he was awaited for many years, ever since the band became sales leader in hardcore and rapcore music, after it sold over 33 million copies of their albums worldwide. “You have a very beautiful country. We have never seen anything so beautiful before. And do not forget, you are not the ones who came to see us, we are the ones who came to see you,” the singer yelled to the audience.

On the stage, Fred Durst, who may not be described as a uniquely gifted vocalist, but is impressive due to the rhythm of his voice, as well as Wes Borland, Sam Rivers and John Otto, seem literally “electric”, as they are filled with endless and contagious energy, fully overtaken by their viewers. Beside instrument players, there is also DJ Lethal, who leads the rhythm of the band, outlining both the points of passage from one song to the next and all instrument solos. By performing some of their major hits, such as “My Way,” “Monkey,” “Take a Look Around,” “Break Stuff,” and “Getcha Groove On” the members of Limp Bizkit created an intensive relation with their audience, beyond the lyrics and the sounds of the instruments.

Durst sang a song from the middle of the audience gathered in front of the stage and finally climbed the stairs on the left side of the stage and shook hands with the lucky fans standing there.

Suddenly, a fan climbed the stage as well. Durst held him in his arms and “threw” him back to the crowd afterwards.

After performing for an hour, the band withdrew. After a few minutes, they returned for an encore, persuaded by the applauding and screaming audience.

The band Limp Bizkit closed the first part of the show with a hardcore cover of the song “Faith” by George Michael. The end of the show was a predictable one, with an acoustic version of the hit “Behind Blue Eyes,” followed by a forceful performance of the hit “Rollin’” and two other songs.

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