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August 13, 2022

Liberals urge Roberta Anastase’s dismissal and Minister Ridzi’s suspension

Liberal leader Ludovic Orban yesterday stated that PNL was demanding the dismissal of Roberta Anastase as the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and the suspension of Monica Iacob Ridzi as Minister of the Youth by President Traian Basescu. ‘We asked the leadership of PDL to dismiss Mrs. Anastase as Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies for obstructing justice by keeping the Prosecutor General’s request in the Nastase case in the drawer for over 35 days, and we are also warning the Prosecutor General and the Prosecutor’s Office, urging them to act under the Constitution and the laws of this country, in keeping with all the principles of the rule of law governing judicial work’, PNL First Vice-President Ludovic Orban said, according to Mediafax.

‘We have been informed that the Prosecutor General had written letters to the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies to inform that preliminary investigations had started into the affair of the stages procured by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mrs. Ridzi. In consistency with Mr. Basescu’s position on similar matters – and I remind of Minister Atanasiu’s case – we are urging President Basescu to suspend Minister Ridzi’, Orban added.

The Youth and Sports Minister, Monica Iacob Ridzi, yesterday asked the Chamber of Deputies to terminate its parliamentary probe following the start of criminal judicial proceedings by DNA on June 23, to look into the amounts spent on the Youth Day. Monica Iacob Ridzi wrote a letter to the Standing Bureau of the Chamber, stating that, under Law 304 and according to the Regulations of the Chamber, he was asking the leadership of the institution to take note of the fact that ‘the parliamentary investigation was ending’ following the beginning of criminal investigations by DNA in case number 147/P/2009. The Minister said she had sent ‘all the documents required by DNA by letters sent on June 24 and June 25’. However, the Chamber of Deputies rejected her request, deciding that the parliamentary commission should continue its activity.

The Liberals had filed a criminal complaint against Ridzi, accusing her of embezzlement of funds.

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