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December 10, 2022

Police officer’s code of ethics passed by Government

The code of ethics of the police officer, which will apply also to gendarmes, was approved by the Government yesterday, in a meeting. According to minister of administration and interior, vice premier Dan Nica, the officer has the obligation to observe the principles of non-discrimination, lawfulness, availability, “which means that he must intervene whenever necessary.” Nica mentioned that the officer is forbidden to provide any activity likely to damage the image of the institution. “An officer may not walk in the street, even after the working hours, with a person known as an offender,” he said. Also, according to the code, all the officers are obliged to wear uniforms. The minister of interior also stressed that the use of the fire arms has been regulated, being specified more clearly in the new provisions when it is allowed to use the fire arms, when and in what conditions it is possible to handcuff a person. The normative act will be sent to Parliament for debate and approval.

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