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October 27, 2021

Health Minister Ion Bazac investigated by ANI, reports say

A new minister caught the attention of integrity inspectors. The investigation started over a week ago for Minister Ion Bazac, according to Realitatea TV.

Bazac’s file refers to the wealth statement of the official. Integrity Inspectors are checking whether the Minister had committed the felony of false statement by omission. The investigation was determined by the huge differences between the two wealth statements he submitted this year, especially regarding income generated by investments initiated by him.

More precisely, the statement submitted by Ion Bazac on January 4, when he was appointed Health Minister, included no company shares. Yet, a wealth statement he filed later, on June 15, for the year 2008, included income of RON 6,500, generated by shares of an insurance company, owned by the Minister. Nonetheless, the Minister claimed he did not cash the money for the year 2008, but only for the year 2009. When ANI officers were contacted to provide details regarding these reports, they mentioned anonymously that they do not comment on “ongoing investigations.”

Including Bazac, the number of members of the Boc cabinet investigated by ANI totalizes eight, according to Realitatea TV. According to other sources, the number of investigated Ministers is nine, as it includes Internal Affairs Minister Dan Nica, Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu, Transportation Minister Radu Berceanu, Finances Minister Gheorghe Pogea, Defence Minister Mihai Stanisoara, Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu and Environment Minister Nicolae Nemirschi.

Nemirschi’s file was already completed and sent to the Prosecutors’ Office by ANI, which demanded that he would be charged of false statements.

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