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October 21, 2020

Marko: PSD and PD-L have failed to become a Coalition

UDMR leader, Marko Bela, believes that the two parties in power, PSD and PD-L, have failed, so far, to “merge” into a Coalition and this is not working to the interest of the country.

“One could clearly see this. We do not have only one Government, we have two separate parties which have failed, so far, to merge into a coalition and this means that we witness a permanent fight of the two parties and there are no common concerns,” Marko said on Saturday. The UDMR leader added that the Government also failed to prove that they had a strategy to address investments in the infrastructure of Transylvania, mentioning that the PM, who originates from Ardeal, should grant more attention to Ardeal.

Marko stated his dissatisfaction “in general” in relation to the investments that the government has made in Transylvania.

According to him, the Government has failed to prove that they had a strategy addressing infrastructure, investments in infrastructure, particularly for Transylvania. “We have a PM from Ardeal, we have other Ministers from Ardeal, they should pay more attention to Ardeal as a whole,” the UDMR leader stressed.

On the other side, Marko added that the person who runs, on behalf of the Union, for presidential elections, needs to prove that he or she is able to come with an offer for the entire society, and to bring a different mentality, as well, compared to other candidates.

“Being a Hungarian, we have a different view and the candidate needs not only to conceal this special view, but he or she needs to express it as a contribution by which people may opt for such a candidate, who brings something new,” Marko Bela added. UDMR executive president, Kelemen Hunor was voted, within the Council of Union Representatives, as the candidate of the group for the presidential elections of this autumn.

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