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Manowar performed in Bucharest, confronted technical issues

The American band Manowar performed in Bucharest on Sunday evening at Aftershock, the last day of the B’ESTFEST Festival dedicated to rock exclusively. The event was attended by approximately 14,000 persons.

The gig started at approximately 21.15, when Manowar entered the stage and performed a few songs. Afterwards, the sound equipment stopped working and the band withdrew, despite of the fact that the audience continued singing the song. In the meantime, darkness overtook the stage.

The members of Manowar returned to the stage after no less than ten minutes, joking that there were other rock bands, such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Motorhead that performed in Bucharest and neither of them had such a powerful show, to make their electric generator explode. It must be mentioned that Manowar is considered the world’s noisiest band and was registered as such in the Guinness Book of Records.

Manowar started a new song, yet the sound equipment stopped after another 30 seconds and the band went off the stage again. Finally, after a second absence of almost 20 minutes, the rockers of the band Manowar had a powerful reentry to the stage, without any further explanations to the audience.

They continued the show and invited on stage the fans who had helped them to translate in Romanian the lyrics for the song “Father,” translated in 16 languages. Not to mention that Joey DeMaio, the bassist and leader of the band greeted the audience in Bucharest in Romanian.

Moreover, during their Bucharest show, the band offered promoter Guido Janssens, managing partner of E-mag!c, the “Balls of Steel” Award, for having “the balls” to bring the band in Romania.

Afterwards, they invited a viewer on stage. The fan proved his guitar playing skill and was rewarded with a Manowar guitar, autographed by all the members of the band.

Overall, the performance of the American band lasted over two hours and offered Romanian rock fans the opportunity to enjoy songs such as “Kings of Metal,” “Heil and Kill,” “Heart of Steel,” etc. They left the stage promising to return.

The final evening of the B’ESTFEST, the Aftershock, also included recitals by the bands Holyhell, Trooper, Thunderstorm, Nexus and Ulytau.

The current lineup of Manowar includes Eric Adams, Joey Demaio, Karl Logan and Scott Columbus. The band is considered as a legend of the heavy-metal genre, and, according to the Guinness Book of World Records 1984, it is “the world’s noisiest band.” Throughout a career of over a quarter of a century, Manowar had launched ten studio albums, as well as three live albums, numerous singles, EP-s, compilations and DVD-s, attracting an impressive number of fans (nicknamed “Manowarriors” or “Immortals.”)

Joey DeMaio was working as a sound engineer for Black Sabbath when he met the guitarist Ross the Boss. The two of them founded Manowar by recruiting vocalist Eric Adams and drummer Donny Hamzik. The first album of the band, “Battle Hymns,” was released in 1982 and was followed a year later by “Into Glory Ride,” a recording that featured Scott Columbus as drummer.

Guitarist Karl Logan joined the band in 1994, before the launch of the eighth album by Manowar, “Louder than Hell.”

The latest release by Manowar, “Gods of War,” was launched at the beginning of 2007 and was presented as the first of a series of albums dedicated to gods of war from various mythologies. “Gods of War” is focuses on Odin’s myth, the supreme divinity and war god of the Scandinavian mythology.

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