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March 23, 2023

Ion Cristoiu to quit Antena 3

After an exchange of sarcastic retorts with Mircea Badea, in whose contest Cristoiu declared for ‘Gandul’ that Badea’s behaviour is already related to “paranoia” and that he would prove “how independent is the latter,” the journalist announced that he would interrupt the collaboration with Voiculescu’s Antennas. Thus, Cristoiu declared on Monday for Mediafax that he would cease his collaboration with the TV channels of Intact trust, at the end of July, being sure, in a proportion of 99 per cent that starting in autumn he would not join any longer his colleagues from the Antennas. “The Zig-Zag talk-show and my collaboration with Gabi Firea will continue until the end of July. Then I would go on holiday, and by the end of August I shall decide whether I return or not In a proportion of 99 per cent I will not return in autumn!” Ion Cristoiu said. He added that his possible departure from the above-mentioned programmes is “a personal decision.”

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