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June 25, 2022

Metalworking unions urge authorities to salvage the sector

Labour unions affiliated with FSS Metarom yesterday picketed the headquarters of the Presidency and of the Government, protesting against the lack of commitment on behalf of the state institutions to resolving social and economic shortcomings in the Romanian metalworking sector which is on the verge of collapse, said Marius Cornenco, Vice-President of FSS Metarom, according to Agerpres.

FSS Metarom Secretary General Nicolae Coman said the principal aim of the protest had been to raise the carelessness of the political class about the serious issues of the real economy, the refusal of decision-makers to disclose the closes of sale-purchase agreements in the metalwork sector which leaves room for suspicion, the fast depreciation of the living standards, the risk of losing jobs, the failure to conclude a branch collective bargaining agreement which leaves the employees to the discretion of the employers and the low salaries paid in the metalworking sector. FSS Metarom representatives are also asking the state to make the Sidex Galati privatisation agreement public so that everyone can see if any of its clauses have been broken. The unions from FSS Metarom are also unhappy about a statement President Traian Basescu made on the Great Island of Braila, on June 5, suggesting that ‘Romania is no longer a good place to for the steel industry and that it would have to focus on farming and tourism in the near future’.

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