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June 26, 2022

Octavian Bellu quits Ministry of Youth and Sport

Octavian Bellu submitted last Friday a document requesting his release from the position of State Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, mentioning that he was unable to work “in a blocked and futureless system.”

He outlined that he had no previous discussions with Premier Emil Boc or with Minister Monica Iacob Ridzi.

“I could not escape this blockage unless I made a gesture I will assume and, in my opinion, it will not show me as a better person than I really am, not will it present me as someone trying to avoid the responsibility. I waited a lot, but I also must consider the damage brought to my image, and to the image of the ministry. The reason of my resignation resides in my inability to work in a blocked and futureless system. I do not blame Minister Ridzi,” Bellu added.

Questioned whether he had actually quit his job, Bellu gave a negative answer, and outlined that, according to the law, he submitted a document to the Government, requesting the agreement of the Premier to his release from his position. He also showed that he might continue working with the Ministry for a while, until his request of withdrawal will be approved.

At the beginning of July, after he was interviewed by the Ridzi Committee, Octavian Bellu declared that he was not yet determined to resign as State Secretary, but he was not attached to it either, and he would leave the Ministry of Tourism and Sport easier than he had left the gymnastics team.

During his hearing by the Ridzi Committee, Bellu had stated that the Romanian sport requires “intensive therapy,” that the changes in this field had caused major problems and hinted at his intention to withdraw from the Ministry of Youth and Sport, if he is not supported in his intention to contribute to the development of sport.

Youth Minister Monica Iacob Ridzi had declared that Octavian Bellu’s decision to leave his position within the Ministry was an unilateral decision she was not entitled to comment, but she would be glad if he happened to change his mind and to continue his activity, mentioned that “the system is neither blocked, nor lacking perspectives.”

“I would be glad if he changed his mind and decided to continue his activity within our Ministry,” Monica Iacob Ridzi declared on Friday, in a press release.

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