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May 24, 2022

‘Spiru Haret’ University has the largest number of students in the world

The ‘Spiru Haret’ University (USH) currently has a total of 302,000 students, making it the world’s biggest university, ‘Gandul’ daily reported yesterday. Such a large number of students were made possible by the opening of the distance learning and reduced attendance programmes for almost all its full attendance specialisations without any extra evaluations.

Forty-one of the 47 distance learning and 29 of the 47 reduced attendance programmes offered by USH were opened without any formal notice. With such programmes the University managed to attract 87 per cent of its students, as opposed to only 41,714 normal daytime attendance students. Under such conditions, the number of professors could have not been enough for the total number of students, therefore the University broke the law once more. Whereas national and European norms stipulate a maximum ratio of one professor for every 30 students, the ‘Spiru Haret’ University has a 4.5 per cent higher ratio. But the management was not satisfied with the centres opened virtually all over Romania and opened eight new departments overseas: New York, Madrid, Toronto, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Chisinau, without any legal agreement. The money the University makes is commensurate with its size: almost EUR 91 M only in tuition fees (averaging EUR 300 per student) every year.

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