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September 29, 2020

Controversies around Ridzi’s activity at Youth Ministry continue

The media continues to publish the controversies around the youth and sports minister Monica Iacob Ridzi. “Jurnalul National” wrote in the edition of yesterday that the Youth Ministry is full of divisions with similar attributions, and Ridzi has patronized a controversial programme connected with the places in the summer camps intended for the poor children. The quoted source shows that the Youth and Sports Ministry has 22 divisions, five of them with relatively similar attributions: Sports Programmes, Programmes and Projects for Sports Structures, Sports Structures Programmes, Statistics and the Registry of the Sports Bases, Strategy and Sports Registry.

The journalists also submit to public attention a programme initiated by the ministry on July 13, the Summer School twice more competent, about which they say that it has certain irregularities connected with the spending of public money. During July 13-September 15, 2009 the School is organized at Mamaia and Sinaia in 11 series, with the possible participation of 70 youths per series, thus a total of 770 persons. But, the regulations of the programme leave room for abuses, because they were published on MTS site on July 2, only 11 days before the effective beginning of the programme and, moreover, the criteria and the score according to which the participants are selected are not mentioned.

Moreover, the journalists from “Jurnalul National” discovered that in Timis county, the prefect ordered a control at the County Division for Youth and Sports which had been charged with sending in a camp at the seaside 200 children selected according to political criteria, forgetting that the main beneficiaries should have been children with good school results coming from poor families.

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