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December 3, 2021

Deaf child is passionate pianist

A nine year old child from Slatina is in his third year of piano lessons despite going deaf because of a medical error, Evenimentul Zilei informs. Danny Lungu’s talent has amazed the doctors from the Cluj-Napoca clinic where he was hospitalized yesterday in order to have a hearing device implanted in his right ear. ‘This way he will hear much better and he will be able to put his talent to good use. It will be the first case of hearing device implants in both ears’ Marcel Cosgarea, the head of the clinic, stated. The child is in the third grade in a normal school in Slatina. Five times a week, in his spare time, he attends the courses of a music school, more precisely the piano class. Four years ago he underwent surgery in Bucharest and has regained his hearing in one ear. ‘He got cold and the doctor prescribed the wrong treatment. That caused his deafness. He was only one year and a half and in time his voice died out too’ Luminita Lungu, the boy’s mother, stated. Although he was helped out by several speech pathologists, he didn’t register important progress. ‘I don’t know how much he hears but if you spend your whole day with him you can understand what he is saying’ his mother added.

Danny has an IQ of 146, which helps him excel at math and to play the piano. ‘Things are tougher when it comes to the rest of his table of matters, because he doesn’t have a rich vocabulary. He has been deaf for so many years,’ his mother explained. The boy is a passionate piano player. ‘He doesn’t go to competitions. If they see he has a problem, and one could easily tell, everybody would look at him with pity’ the boy’s mother added. Despite his talent, the boy was turned down by the music school. ‘We wanted him to start his first grade in the music school but they rejected him. They told me a deaf person cannot sing’ the woman added.

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