Nemirschi: I will not offer my resignation over unfounded allegations

Environment Minister Nicolae Nemirschi who is under investigation for untrue financial disclosure statement claims everything is more a misunderstanding than anything else and has no intention of resigning. The minister is accused of having not registered a property and a vehicle he mentioned in his financial disclosure with the Local Council Tax Department. On Monday, during the Realitatea TV special edition, Nemirschi explains that the house in question was completed after he had submitted his financial disclosure statement and that the car actually belongs to his son. The minister’s financial disclosure statement dated January 5, 2009 includes a house in Topalu bought on March 3, 2006, which is not registered for tax purposes. Nemirschi claims the house had been under construction since 2007, therefore it could have not been registered with the Local Council Tax Department.

‘I have no construction reception report so, under the Romanian law, the building does not exist’, the minister explained for Realitatea TV, adding that his new house had only been finished on June 22, 2009, six months after he had submitted his financial disclosure form. The Minisetr is also accused of not having registered with the Local Council a Jeep Cherokee he mentioned in his financial disclosure. His explanation is that the vehicle belongs to his son. The National Integrity Agency also maintains that Nemirschi reported to the tax authorities EUR 40,000 less than the total amount appearing in his financial disclosure. The minister’s explanation – the amount represents the dividends he and his wife are due to cash from their company, that being the reason why it has not been declared for tax.

‘I have no intention of offering my resignation over unfounded and untrue allegations’, said the environment minister who is currently the subject of two distinct inquiries: one conduced by the Parliament and one by the Prosecutors.

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