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June 18, 2021

Media: Contracts concluded by Nicolae Nemirschi are tricky

According to “Gardianul,” the contract concluded by the Environment Ministry with the firm Still Print Forward, which is under the attention of the parliamentary investigation commission, demonstrates how the institution headed by Nicolae Nemirschi understands to spend the public money. The company which was assigned directly a contract of EUR 15,000 was selected on the Internet. The portfolio of works of the firm does not justify the haste with which the ministry granted it this contract paid from public money.

Also, on the web page of the company, Still Print Forward notes that it is specialized in printed publicity productions, and can also make audio-video productions but only in a partnership with other companies specialized in this domain. The “Environment Ministry – Still” affair was concluded in April to justify another contract of half a million Euro, assigned to the firm Ars Advertising for the broadcasting of the publicity clip of EUR 15,000. The clip had to be made by the firm specialized in print. Questioned by the parliamentary investigation commission, by the middle of the past week, minister Nicolae Nemirschi mixed up the dates of the signing of the contracts saying that the deal with Still Print Forward was made in order that Ars Advertising may have something to broadcast. But, actually the first contract was concluded with Still, in April, and the contract with Ars Advertising was signed in June. Moreover, the ministry imposed to Still a confidentiality clause on public money but, as you can see, the data have come up.Interesting is the way in which the ministry headed by Nemirschi has come to conclude this contract, further to which a product whose cost was EUR 14,800 is broadcast with EUR 500,000, “Gardianul” also notes. According to the secretary general of the Environment Ministry, Virginia Stefanica, who assented personally the contract for the acquisition of the audio-tv publicity production services signed with the firm Still Print Forward SRL, “the only criteria which underlay the selection of the partner in this contract were the data existing in the Trade Registry and the CAEN code.”

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