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September 19, 2021


Vladimir Voronin considers that opposition parties have given up their accusations of fraud

Vladimir Voronin, the president of the Party of Communists in the Republic of Moldova (PCRM), stated on Wednesday during a press conference that the opposition parties have given up the election fraud scenario used in the last electoral campaign, the Omega agency informs, being quoted by Mediafax. ‘For now I haven’t heard the opposition parties levying accusations on a possible election fraud. I want to remind you that these accusations were last heard around the April 5 elections’ Voronin stated. ‘However today it seems that nobody reserves the market for engaging in organized protests. That is of course explained by the fact that after April 5 nobody managed to present any proof that the elections were unfair’ he added.

CRPE report: A favourable moment for Romania having EU labour market restrictions lifted

Sweden is one of the states that swiftly lifted post-accession work restrictions for Romanians, which means this is a favourable moment for Romanian government to lobby towards this end, experts with the Romanian Centre for European Policies (CRPE) say, according to HotNews. Regulating the European financial sector, cutting down polluting emissions, the strategy for the Baltic Sea (approached as a precedent for the future strategy on the Danube) and the Eastern partnership are other key areas where Romania should have its say, read the conclusions of the report ‘Answering the challenge of having a voice in the EU’ published yesterday by CRPE.

Marinescu: Macovei proposed as EP delegation president for R. of Moldova

Bucharest – Democrat-Liberal EMP Monica Macovei has been proposed for the position of president of the EP delegation for the Republic of Moldova. Her appointment is a sure thing and will be made official in September, most likely,’ PDL MEP Marian-Jean Marinescu told Mediafax.

‘Monica Macovei has been proposed president of the EP delegation for the Republic of Moldova, and her appointment is 100% sure, yet her appointment will be made official and the delegation membership constituted in September, most likely,’ the Democrat-Liberal EMP said, adding that among the PDL EMPs proposed for leadership positions in the EP commissions are the head of the PDL EMP delegation, Theodor Stolojan, for vice-president of the Commission for Economic Affairs, Rares Niculescu – vice-president of the Agriculture Commission, Sebastian Bodu – vice-president of the Law Commission, and Traian Ungureanu – vice-president of APE Euronest, a newly established instrument for the relationship with Eastern European states.

Eight Romanians injured in traffic accident in Bulgaria

Eight Romanian citizens were slightly injured yesterday morning in a road accident which happened in Bulgaria. Their bus bumped into a tree by the side of the road, Mediafax informs. Six of the injured Romanians are minor aged between 14 and 17. Another two Romanian women, aged 35 and, respectively, 37 were also hurt. The injured persons were checked by medics but were not admitted to hospital.

Romania opens general consulate in Trieste

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a new general consulate in Italy, in Trieste, a Ministry communiqué remitted to Nine O’Clock. For the time being the consulate will work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 AM to 2 PM. There are several services that the consulate won’t offer, such as receiving citizenship dossiers, issuing passports for Romanians living abroad, including underage children on their parents’ passports and issuing visas. Romania has several consulates and consular offices in Italy – in Rome, Milan, Turin and now in Trieste.

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Citi estimates RON 4.1/euro exchange rate by late 2009

Citi estimates that the RON will appreciate up to 4.1/euro by the end of this year, higher than the previous estimate of RON 39.5/euro, amid the National Bank of Romania’s intervention to reduce volatility on the currency market, create a more stable macroeconomic environment and adjust the foreign deficit. ‘We admit some significant risks being present and the likelihood of higher ‘political noise’ before the presidential election this coming November. However, the factors sustaining the home currency, such as BNR’s involvement on currency market to rein in excessive volatility, a more stable macroeconomic environment and strong adjustment of the current foreign deficit should outweigh those risks,’ the report by the Citi analysts states, who forecast a RON/euro exchange rate of 4.1/1 by year’s end.

SAR: Romania faces considerable fine from EC

The Academic Society from Romania (SAR) made an analysis of the effects of the energetic restructuring and reached the conclusion that the measure is opposed to reform, reduces the transparency in the sector, and increases the risks of corruption, HotNews.ro informs. Under these circumstances, SAR considers the deferring of the public debate over the restructuring of the energy sector welcome. SAR representatives believe that the losses will be borne by Hidroelectrica and Gazprom, and therefore Romania risks a considerable fine from the European Commission for the state aid. “The perspectives are gloomy; throwing the money nonsensically, we shall not be able to build more efficient power stations (Cernavoda) or re-equip the existing ones (Turceni, Rovinari, which will be closed next year because they do not observe the environment conditions negotiated with EU),” the press release also shows.

‘Green House’ programme takes off

Local authorities who intend to procure solar, geothermal and wind energy systems may start applying for state funding within the Environment Ministry’s ‘Green House’ programme today, according to the website of the Environment Fund Administration (AFM). The first session with an allocation of RON 150 M, will be implemented from July 15 through to July 31, and the second session worth RON 160 M between September 1 and 15. By 2020, Romania will have to produce 24 per cent of all its energy from renewable sources, the figure being higher by six percentage points than the total it currently generates from biomass and hydro-energy sources.

The applicant needs to meet a number of eligibility criteria at the same time, including no debts to the consolidated state budget, having its own contribution in view of implementing the project and administration rights/ possession of the property on which the project is to be implemented/ agency agreement in force in the case of local administrations applying for funding on behalf of home owners/tenants’ associations.

PSD plans to build 50,000 homes

PSD is trying to create some competition to the ‘First Home’ programme. One of the two ruling parties is planning the launching of a mega real estate project. Adrian Nastase and PSD Infrastructure Department chide Sorin Bota have launched the idea of a public-private partnership fir the improvement of residential buildings and suggested that ANL should take over half of the total stock of unfinished apartments from developers in financial difficulty, Antena 3 TV reports. PSD intends to implement a project whereby a total of 50,000 fully furnished homes will be offered to tenants, and the rent will be subsidised. ‘Our 50,000 homes programme is complementary to the government ‘First Home’ programme. Our project is specifically created for young people and we also trust that it will help horizontal industries grow as the tenants will need to buy various thinks such as home appliances, for example. We will offer the apartments at a subsidized rent’, Nastase was saying on a TV programme.

Volksbank starts ‘First Home’ lending programme

Yesterday, Volksbank Romania released a competitive financing offer addressed to customers interested to buy a property within the ‘First Home’ programme, the bank informs by press release. The beneficiaries are individuals from 18 to 65 years of age who meet the eligibility criteria of the ‘First Home’ programme and who will not be older than 65 upon the end of the loan term. The maximum term of the loan offered in EUR or RON is 30 years, the maximum financed amount is EUR 57,000, but, if the collateral covers it, the bank can lend more than EUR 57,000.

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Cristian Diaconescu apologizes for Romanian consul in Chisinau

The foreign minister Cristian Diaconescu apologized to the public opinion in an interview given to the daily Cotidianul for the scandal in which the consul of Romania to Chisinau was involved and announced that a new consul shall be appointed within a week. Diaconescu considers the incident the more regrettable as it took place in a sensitive area for Romania. “I believe that it is our duty, as an institution, to apologize before the public opinion for this incident, because it is a matter of promotion in an area sensitive for the interests of Romania, and what happens does not honour us. I tell you very sincerely, I deem it normal to do this, assuming the whole responsibility regardless of the individual, personal, situation of someone.” Even President Traian Basescu referred, during a meeting with the representatives of the Moldovan civil society, to the incident from Chisinau, which he called “fantastic”: “You know well our situation, but I want to assure you that sometimes the fantastic goes beyond any limits. Sometimes we also exceed the limits, you saw our consul from Chisinau,” the President of Romania told his guests from Chisinau.

PSD gets ready to change leadership after presidential elections

Regardless of whether Mircea Geoana wins or not the presidential elections, the party will become again, in early 2010, the theatre of the fights for supremacy in the party, Gandul reports in the edition of yesterday. In a way or another, Geoana will leave the leadership of PSD, making room for a new management formula. Thus, if he wins Cotroceni, Mircea Geoana will become, quite paradoxically, the supreme leader of the party. He will obtain the authority only coveted today; he can bring at the head of the party a team of loyal persons through whom he will impose “his dreams of reform,” as some strategists from PSD anticipate. One of them is Vasile Dancu: “I know this dream because we have dreamt together, and he knows now what he has to do:” he will concentrate, through his own team, all the instruments necessary to bring back the party in the top position in the internal political classification: he will redefine the alliances, the parliamentary majority and the force of the Executive, already announcing that in such a situation the first move that he will do will be to behead Boc. If he loses Cotroceni, the apparent quietness from the party will burst out because of the internal fights. Geoana has already announced that in case of failure he will resign from the head of the party. But, for the time being, the PSD members avoid to nominate someone who could be the future leader.

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