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January 27, 2022

Theatre, music and film at Bran Castle Fest this August

Dracula films, theatre shows and mini-concerts given by DJs will be part of the Bran Castle Fest that will take place from August 7 to August 9 at the Bran Castle, the event’s organizers inform.

The concerts and the theatre shows will take place on two stages: one placed in the courtyard of the Bran Castle and the other placed on the plateau located behind the castle, while the movies will be projected in a special tent.

The festival will include music and theatre bands from Romania, England and France. The music will range from chill out to techno and medieval sounds. Over 80 artists, ranging from DJs to actors, painters and creators of video installations and projections will take part in the festival. Overall, the public will be treated with 72 hours of music, theatre and laser shows projected on the castle’s walls.

The event, described as ‘a current culture festival in a fairytale setting,’ is organized by the company that manages the Bran Castle and by Eurourban.

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