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December 7, 2021

President Basescu unhappy with tourism at the Black Sea

Besides the lack of trained personnel, the Head of State blamed the imbalanced quality/price ratio and declared himself discontent with the numerous constructions from the Romanian littoral.

President Traian Basescu blamed several aspects yesterday, at the Consultative Council of Tourism from Neptun, but stressed that although infrastructure is not at a very good level, this is not the main reason for which tourism is not at a higher level in Romania, giving the example of Greece which, although it does not have a “successful” infrastructure, has a developed tourism. “Romania is no longer known in the world as a tourism destination. It is known as a country which distributes crime in Italy, as a country which has exported over three million Romanians who went to work and as a country which does not turn to account efficiently the European resources,” Basescu said, adding that the Romanians are better known abroad “through Mailat,” (the Romanian Nicolae Romulus Mailat who serves a sentence of life prison for qualified murder, robbery and sexual aggression, after the death of an Italian woman aggressed in 2007 in Rome) and that the country brand should be brought under the attention of the Europeans, Mediafax correspondent transmits.

Another problem is the quality of the services vs. prices. The president said that a tourist who goes on holiday abroad at prices comparable to those from Romania, but with better services, will not spend his holiday in Romania. He criticized the way in which the relevant authorities achieve the professional retraining of the persons who work in tourism and insisted that the specialists from the domain of tourism should get more deeply involved in the training of the potential future employees.

Basescu also said that agriculture and tourism are priorities for Romania, which must be developed because they can bring jobs and money to the budget, unlike the industries about which we don’t know how long they last, giving the example of Nokia investment from Cluj and saying that it is a good thing that the foreign investors have come to our country, but we don’t know how long they remain here. Basescu said that, in exchange, agriculture and tourism belong to Romania and they will remain here.

President Traian Basescu declared himself discontent with the numerous constructions which exist on the beaches of the Romanian littoral and said that the professional associations from tourism or the Tourism Ministry should be consulted over the development of a resort. The mayor of Mangalia, Claudiu Tusac, present at the discussions complained that 90 per cent of the constructions or annexes to the constructions from the South of the littoral are illegal, and he does not have means to intervene.

Also yesterday, tourism minister Elena Udrea told a radio channel that a guarantee fund may be created for those who want to invest in the spa tourism in Romania. “We can create again a guarantee fund for tourism, as it was in the past, or we can find partnerships with the banks, like the partnership for the “First House,” in order to find a type of partnership for those who want to invest in the spa tourism,” Udrea said. She also stressed that the hotel owners, who do not want to invest in them because they are not interested in tourism although they have the financial resources, could pay very big taxes.

EUR 1 M – the cost of “Romania, land of choice” on Eurosport

Romania pays to Eurosport channel twice more than Croatia for the promotion of tourism, Realitatea.net mentions. Thus the promotion campaign “Romania land of choice,” due to be included in the publicity scheme of Eurosport channel from August until December, costs EUR 1 M for 1,025 publicity spots. The promotion campaign on the same TV channel cost Croatia EUR 400,000, amount which included 805 spots.

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