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June 29, 2022

Udrea squanders public money on televisions and concerts, paper says

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea is giving hundreds of thousands of Euros to three TV stations that will promote the ‘Tourist in Romania’ program, ‘Evenimentul zilei’ read in its Tursday edition. No less than EUR 924,000 will be split by three television stations: Pro TV, Realitatea TV and Antena 3. At the same time, Udrea used the same method used by the former Youth Minister to squander public funds. According to the central press, ‘the blonde from Tourism’ has developed a passion for concerts and for Goran Bregovici in particular, a singer with which she was very generous by paying him EUR 42,000 although the Serbian singer came to Romania before and sang for a smaller fee.

After Monica Iacob Ridzi it is now Elena Udrea’s turn to account for the way in which she spends public funds, the paper reads. Thus, Bogdan Olteanu, the Liberal Vice President of the Lower Chamber, has proposed on Monday the setting up of a Parliamentary commission that would investigate the activity of the Tourism Ministry. ‘It is certainly time for an Udrea Commission. The time is not ripe, it is long overdue. And this is at least one level bigger. I propose it’ Olteanu wrote on his blog. ‘It remains to be seen who has the courage to be part of it and who is able to lead it’ he added.

‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily wrote yesterday that Elena Udrea is preparing a new advertisement campaign. We are talking about the already famous but controversial ‘Tourist in Romania’ program through which Udrea wants to keep most of the Romanian tourists in the country. The three television stations that benefit from the public funds are not named but the phrase is clear: ’45 per cent of the sum (EUR 415,000) will be earmarked for the top general TV station (hence Pro TV), 35 per cent (EUR 323,000) for the top news station (Realitatea TV) and 20 per cent (EUR 184,000) for the second ranking news station (Antena 3). The television stations are ranked on the basis of their ratings.’

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