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February 9, 2023

RBL posts RON 4.5 M H1 profit in H1

Raiffeisen Housing Bank (RBL) posted a first-half gain of roughly RON 4.5 M, this being the first year when the savings-credit institution turns a profit, primarily on the backdrop of a doubling in the number of contracts against those in the year-earlier period. ‘2009 is very important for Raiffeisen Housing Bank, and that since, aside from the state bonus rising to 25 per cent, this is the first year wherein we made a profit of the five since the institution was founded. The doubling of contracts compared to the year-earlier period and their better quality, along with an administrative costs cut-down policy are among the most important factors that led to these results,’ the bank’s president, Alexandru Ciobanu, said in a release to the press. By September 30, the bank will not charge any surcharge fee on savings-lending deals, with customers able to raise throughout this period the contracted amount without having to pay a charge. RBL also contemplates scrapping commissions for examining the housing loan dossier or those on the beforehand loan reimbursements. Also, the bank resolved to take into account in the accepted income category earnings from dividends and 75 per cent of the incomes of Romanians working abroad. Throughout the saving interval, customers receive a state bonus of 25 per cent to their annual deposits, starting from 2009, yet no higher than EUR 250, adding to which is an interest of 3 per cent from the bank.

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