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March 31, 2023

National Anthem Day celebrated in Tricolorului Square

Prime Minister Emil Boc considers that the National Anthem as a symbol unites us irrespective of party membership, ‘irrespective of what we speak, of religion.’ ‘The anthem is a national symbol that unites us. It is the politicians’ duty to promote those great national policies that unite Romanians instead of dividing them. This day is a moment of celebration, it is a moment in which we enjoy a national symbol that is so dear to our hearts’ Emil Boc stated yesterday on the occasion of the festive events dedicated to the ‘National Anthem Day’ and hosted by Tricolorului Square.

According to Agerpres, Prime Minister Boc added that the National Anthem is, alongside the National Flag, National Day and Coat of Arms, among the national symbols established by the Constitution. ‘The National Anthem is the symbol of the Romanian people’s unity and continuity. The National Anthem is the one that was basically present during all the moments of Romania’s historical evolution’ the Head of Government stated. He reminded that the National Anthem’s lines were present ‘on the Romanians’ lips’ both during the 1848 Revolution and the 1989 Revolution. ‘The same extraordinary patriotic song that drove the Romanians in the War of Independence, the World War I and the World War II,’ the Prime Minister added.

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