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June 23, 2021

Two more Israeli doctors arrested in human eggs trafficking scandal

Israeli physicians Natan Lewit and Genia Ziskind involved in the Sabyc clinic human eggs trafficking were arraigned in court at the Bucharest Tribunal on Wednesday, the Prosecution having asked that they should be remanded in custody for an initial period of 29 days awaiting trial. The court was still in session by closing of this issue.

The two doctors were arrested by the prosecutors from the Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) for 24 hours on Tuesday. A decision was made afterwards to take them before a court asking for arrest warrants on charges of setting up an organised criminal group, organisation of human cell trafficking for profit and the unlawful exercise of a profession.

DIICOT claims that Natan Lewit and Genia Ziskind, as specialists on assisted reproduction techniques, supported the criminal activities at the Sabyc clinic in exchange of large sums of money, breaking the laws regulating the procedure of harvesting human organs, tissues and cells to be used in therapies. The investigators have found that they had worked as physicians in Romania without holding a valid work permit, a health authorisation and the agreement of the College of Medical Doctors. Three other people had already been arrested in the same case – the head of the clinic, Harry Mironescu, his son Yair Miron and secretary of the Sabyc clinic, Cecilia Borzea.

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