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April 17, 2021

PNL urge president to clarify statements in relation to R. of Moldova

National Liberal Party (PNL) urges president Traian Basescu to clarify the assertion related to the support he may have provided in 2005 for the establishment of the required majority in the election of Moldavian president Vladimir Voronin. The Liberals regard the affirmation “made with easiness” by the head of state in an interview granted some days ago to Romania Actualitati radio channel is “a huge error of foreign policy.” “If it is true that Traian Basescu intervened directly in the election of Vladimir Voronin by the Moldavian Parliament, then he should be held liable both for the unacceptable degradation of the relationship between Romania and Republic of Moldova, and for the decline of the democratic process in the neighbor country, a decline that started after the Communist power took the office in 2005. By his statements, Traian Basescu does nothing else than confirming and legalizing the anti – Romanians attacks of the Communist power from Chisinau.

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