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April 21, 2021

Editorial Council of ‘Cotidianul’ newspaper got disbanded

The Editorial Council of ‘Cotidianul’, made up of Emil Hurezeanu, Adrian Ursu, Mircea Dinescu, Doru Buscu and Robert Turcescu, was disbanded, as four of the five columnists decided they won’t write in this newspaper anymore, the editorial manager of Realitate-Catavencu trust, Doru Buscu announced yesterday, quoted by Mediafax.

The decision comes a day after the new director of the newspaper, Cornel Nistorescu, fired senior editor Cristian Patrasconiu.

“Cotidianul left my editorial authority. I can comment as a member of the board: Nistorescu is within the perimeter of his mandate, as director of the newspaper,” Buscu explained his decision to stop writing. The other members of the Editorial Council who won’t write anymore are Hurezeanu, Turcescu and Ursu, while Dinescu has not decided yet. On the other hand, Doru Buscu announced other journalists will stop writing for ‘Cotidianul’ as well: Alin Fumurescu, Daniel Vighi, Teodor Baconsky and Liviu Antonesei. Teodor Baconsky, Romania’s ambassador in Paris, explained his decision through the fact that the publication no longer is the newspaper where he started writing three years ago and that “recent involutions” do not allow the project to continue.

According to Liviu Avram, deputy editor in chief of ‘Cotidianul,’ Nistorescu motivated his decision to fire Patrasconiu through the fact that “he is not in line with the editorial concept” of the newspaper. Nistorescu told a meeting with the staff that “in the future, the newspaper will have less opinions and more information.” Later, Cristian Patrasconiu – who is on holiday – wrote on his blog that his removal “was an act of will and authority.”

Among the accusations brought to Nistorescu by the ‘Cotidianul’ staff is the fact that he stopped from publishing a story about the collaboration of writer Petru Romosan with the former Securitate.

Nistorescu answered the accusations of censorship in his Sunday’s column: “The misunderstanding is huge. An article delayed or rejected out of editorial reasons cannot enter this category. Referring to the Romosanu case, we’ll give it ample coverage in the coming days, with the complete story.”

Businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, who controls the Realitatea-Catavencu media trust, told MEDIAFAX on Monday that he won’t get involved in the editorial “life” of the newspaper and that he gave Cornel Nistorescu free hand.

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